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Driving Lesson from 16 Years Old to Early 20’s

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The average age of people who learn how to drive has been regularly increasing since a lot of drivers put their licenses on hold. Several questions then come into the minds of the hopeful learner drivers who are eager to obtain their driver’s license early and begin driving. Some of the questions may include: 

  • Are driving lessons mandatory? 
  • Can you set my driving lessons without the theory test? 
  • Can I attend driving classes at sixteen? 

The minimum age when you can already obtain your driver’s license differs by however, it is around sixteen to seventeen mostly all over the world (you can always refer this to your local area transport authority). Having said that, no matter where you are located, you are still required to pass the driver’s test before you can start driving anywhere. So, you need to enroll in an Oklahoma driving school in order to learn how to do it easily. 

Naturally, there goes your goal to be the first of your friends (and definitely not be the last) to obtain your driver’s license at this moment. While driving lessons aren’t mandatory by the law, they are strongly advised by the authorities on the road. In some places, driving schools, as well as qualified and experienced driving instructors, may help you progress faster by giving deductions in the hours you require to finish in your logbook through a recognized government approved schemes like the bonus logbook hours. As a matter of fact, the schemes count 1 hour of learning from the professional and highly reputable driving instructor as equivalent to at least 3 hours of driving lessons under a constant supervision. 

As you move into the stage of early 20s, several people will have a little bit more freedom financial. Learner drivers at this age are more likely to have an easy and quick access to a car for practicing in and are not to feel any pressure to rush through obtaining their licenses. Questions from aspiring drivers at this age are more concerned with how the driving lessons fit into the schedule of a person and these may be the following: 

  • How long are your lessons in driving? 
  • Can I drive without a vehicle of my own? 
  • Are driving lessons worth it? 

As a learner or aspiring driver, you must still focus on hurrying yourself. Once you want to begin driving for leisure or work, then it can all be worthwhile using the driving lessons in order to get from or to work, local places or class, otherwise, you may not be able to drive. In addition to that, driving instructors that are licensed will usually give their own car for use during a driving lesson (at no additional payment). Therefore, it is not an issue if you do not own a car. Aside from that you can also select the number of hours of your driving classes, the most common lengths for driving classes are 1 hour, 1 ½ hours or 2 hours. A professional and highly experienced driving instructor from a qualified company such as Tulsa auto school is actually proven to be more efficient compared to friends or family members at teaching you how to drive. 


If you are interested in learning the basic skills in driving as well as the mastery class then click here for more information. 


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