What is Your Roofing Tries to Tell You?

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When the elements can breach the roof of your building, then you can be in trouble, most especially when it concerns your commercial roofing. Most of the time, commercial roofs require repair or maintenance from an expert roofing contractor every now and then to prevent damage and guarantee reliability. If you want to know more or book for a roof inspection, make sure to reach one of your trusted roofing companies Saint John NB. Now, do you what is your commercial roofing tries to let you know? Pay attention to the signs below that indicates that your commercial roof needs to be repaired or even reroofed if needed.  

Inside indicators  

Try to check and look around the interior of your building. If you can observe any signs of problems like stains or moisture on the ceilings or walls of your property, then it means your roof is compromised.  

Water puddles 

Water puddles or pooling isn’t a great sign to start with, especially when it can be observed outside or inside a building. Actually, this sign or problem needs to be inspected and attended to right away by the roofing contractors. Perhaps it might be something as simple as a clogged gutter or drain, or it could point to a severe roofing problem that requires to be fixed as soon as possible. Before this issue can result in expensive and extensive damage to your building, try to find the root cause of this issue right away.  

Funky odor 

Another indicator that your roof has issues is when you can sniff the funky odor of must or mold. That only indicates that moisture is coming in somewhere in your building.  

Damaged membrane 

When you can observe cracks, blisters, bubbles, or irregularities on the membrane of your commercial roof, this is considered as an issue. Meaning, the roof material starts to deteriorate and potentially letting the elements inside be compromised.  

Outside clues 

Try walking around and observe the exterior of your property or building. Then, look for signs or clues outside of your building that could be associated with the fact that your commercial roofing might require attention. Other things you need to pay close attention to include the following: 

  • Obvious roofing damage of any kind 
  • Gutter issues 
  • Algae or mold 
  • Irregular or odd runoff 
  • Missing flashing or shingles 
  • Storm damage 
  • Loose debris 

When you can observe any of the clues listed above, do not hesitate to reach out to a roofing contractor within your area who can come and check your commercial roof before permanent damage can take place and before it’s too late.  

Contact the best roofing company  

Even the smallest roof leak can result in severe damage eventually. Fortunately, you can detect any weaknesses or problems of your roof right away once you just make sure to inspect and maintain your commercial roof. This way, you’ll be able to curb the damage and the required costly repairs. You can do this with the help of the professional roofers in town. Book for roofing consultations or inspection today.  

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